Prague’s New Multi-Purpose Centre will be Opened in June Already

Prague’s New Multi-Purpose Centre will be Opened in June Already

Cubex Centre Prague, the new unique project will open its doors soon. The construction of a Centre with a capacity of 1, 200 people is coming to an end and the Centre will welcome its first visitors already on June 20th.

Cubex Centre Prague is being built in one of the modern buildings within the business area. This locality is known to the Praguers as “Prague Manhattan”, a center that is nowadays one of the most popular locations for offices and residential areas. This location provides ideal transport accessibility (2 subway stops from the historic center) and expanded surrounding infrastructure that creates sufficient capacity for refection, accommodation and parking. The neighboring shopping mall Arkády with a number of shops and restaurant will be also a benefit.

The Cubex Center Prague is an ideal venue for the organization of a wide range of different events such as congresses, conferences, corporate presentations, concerts, exhibitions, as well as balls, gala dinners and more.

As part of the development of the project, great emphasis was placed on the selection of top technology. “Cubex equipment responds to current modern trends and I am happy to say it will be able to be compared to the top European centers,” says Jaroslava Křížková, director of the Cubex Centre Prague, adding: “visitors can look forward to such unique features as the projection screen in the main foyer with a dimension of 102m² or the so-called Chameleon Concept that allows customization of the entire center into any colours.

Specialty of the center is also possibility of exhibiting cars in the main hall and foyer. Thanks to the rigging points with an extremely high load capacity in the ceiling, it is also possible to hang the car in the middle of the hall.  This technology can be used not only for car, but also for any other heavy technology or advertising equipment.

Cubex Centre Prague offers variable spaces in different set-ups for different types of events. The main hall with a capacity of 1, 000 people in a theater setup is divisible into three parts and is complemented by smaller halls and lounges into total capacity 1, 200 people. However, Cubex can host events for up to 1,700 participants by connecting the neighboring City Conference Center, which has a capacity of 500 people.

The architectural concept of the interior refers to Czech cubism. The whole space fills elements that resemble this world-unique style in architecture. From the walls, through uniquely conceived bars and registration counters, to details such as cubist elements in catering, custom made glasses, chafings and other decorations in this style.

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