Roofs of Křižík Pavilions at Exhibition Grounds Transformed into Green Terraces for Relaxation, Entertainment and Events

Roofs of Křižík Pavilions at Exhibition Grounds Transformed into Green Terraces for Relaxation, Entertainment and Events

Another reconstruction project has been completed at the Prague Exhibition Grounds: this time the roofs of the Křižík pavilions, now offering a place for relaxation and events in the green. The revitalization of the roofs completes the reconstruction of the Křižík pavilions. The new green terraces offer over 6,000 m2 of space for public and private events, relaxation, and gatherings, where visitors can enjoy refreshments in the new Terrace 67 bistro. One of the terraces has partnered with Škoda Auto, which provided the place with, for example, swings for children or a bench with a solar roof for recharging. The greenery has been provided by Pražské služby. The terraces will be open all year round.

From Reconstruction and Reduction of Concrete Area to Planting Greenery

The terraces of the Křižík pavilions have undergone a complete reconstruction, where all the modifications were based on the original design of academical architect Michal Brix. The reconstruction itself was supervised by the architect of the Prague Exhibition Grounds Štefan Šulek. The preparatory work and project documentation, which was created in 2021, included geological and hydrogeological surveys, but also a structural and historical survey, as the building is located in a conservation area. The area of concrete has been reduced by up to 5,000 m2, also reducing the heat island and improving the climate locally.

"Lots of greenery has been added, with the planted roofs also slowing down the wind currents and absorbing pollutants. In addition, the combination of a green intensive roof with a storage substrate and a new walking surface will reduce the amount of stormwater runoff. I believe that, especially from spring to autumn, the terraces will attract many visitors with their relaxing atmosphere, whether they relax with a view of the wider surroundings or attend a selected cultural event. In the future, however, weddings or other private events may take place here, because that is also what the terraces are designed for," comments Tomáš Hübl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Výstaviště Praha, a.s.

The actual reconstruction works began in June 2022 and now, after two years, the first guests will be welcomed to the brand-new green terraces. The first step of the renovation was rehabilitation of the structures, followed by the reconstruction of the bistros and towers and the design of the residential areas and roof surfaces. At the end of the renovation, the greenery was planted.

The total investments in the reconstruction of the Křižík pavilions roofs amounted to CZK 150 million. 

Cooperation Between City Companies, and Green Spaces as the Future of the Capital

The supplier of the greenery on the terraces of the pavilions is Pražské služby, a.s. "We were very interested in this project also because we have experience in planting our own green roof. We believe that a dignified and very pleasant place for relaxation and rest of Prague citizens and visitors to the Czech metropolis has been created here. The implementation itself lasted a total of 90 days and involved our business partners Lesy hl. Prague and Azeleň. For almost CZK 12 million, we installed the subsoil, including the relevant layers and irrigation, planted vegetation and we are also counting on subsequent maintenance. All in full compliance with the environmental policy of our company and the implementation of the Climate Plan of the capital city. I consider the cooperation across city companies to be very effective for Prague. I would like to thank the representatives of the city and our partner, the Prague Exhibition Grounds, for the opportunity to implement this contract for you on the basis of in-house cooperation," comments Patrik Roman, CEO of Pražské služby, a.s.

100% water used for the irrigation of all the greenery on the roofs comes from the Exhibition Ground's own well, and the irrigation is controlled automatically by a weather station. The outdoor lighting is controlled through twilight switches. There are also mist sprinklers, drinking fountains and marquees on the roofs to provide shade on hot days. 

Culture, Relaxation or Perhaps Wedding? And Terrace 67 Bistro

The new green residence terraces offer not only the possibility of relaxing with a good drink, but also cultural events and of course the possibility of renting for private events. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the 132-metre long running track on Terrace B and you can even jump hopscotch there. The roofs of Pavilions C and D are areas with curated grasses creating intimate corners, complete with podiums allowing views of the Křižík Fountain and the Stromovka. Visitors looking for toilets can find them in the tower of Pavilion C. The roofs of Pavilions E and B serve as paved bays around the buffets surrounded by perennial plants, visitors will find circular spaces with benches to rest. Pavilion B offers visitors a Terrace 67 bistro open daily with the same standards as the popular Artyčok bistro. There are also toilets for the public. Pavilion E is a multifunctional space with toilets that will primarily be used for private event hire.

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