Sustainable Activities to Mark International Children’s Day at Vienna House

Sustainable Activities to Mark International Children’s Day at Vienna House

International Children's Day on 1 June was once again celebrated at Vienna House hotels with a wide range of activities for children staying at the hotel as well as local children.

The focus this year is on social and environmental sustainability.

Every year around International Children's Day, Every year around International Children's Day, Vienna House hotels, including Prague hotels - angelo by Vienna House Prague, Vienna House Diplomat Prague and andel’s by Vienna House Prague, invite children from schools, clubs and kindergartens as well as the hotel staff's children and, of course, children staying in the hotel, to join in various activities. This year, the events were organised so that they related to aspects of sustainability with the purpose of raising children's awareness of this subject.

Whether producing seed bombs and planting them in the hotel grounds, subjecting the hotel to a close ecological examination, baking, cooking and, of course, eating together – all these activities brought a sparkle to many children's eyes at this time. The children were taught about the meaningful use of resources and the environment at the Mikrokosmos Hotel through no end of fun, a light-hearted approach and a spirit of exploration. The events were accompanied by various fundraising activities for local charities.

Regular cooperation with local institutions is rated very highly at Vienna House because every hotel is an important partner for the locality. The employees and guests of tomorrow must be looked after today. In recent years International Children's Day activities have encouraged young people to become involved in school internships and training courses in the hotels.

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