The Cubex Centre Prague has Significantly Expanded and Improved Their Virtual Studio

The Cubex Centre Prague has Significantly Expanded and Improved Their Virtual Studio

The larger studio space now provides more comfort and safety. Advanced technologies and additional effects make Cubex client presentations even better.

“Since client interest in our multifunctional virtual studio was so great, we decided to significantly enlarge and improve it! We moved the studio from a smaller meeting room to one of the main halls in the Cubex Centre Prague”, said Dagmar Alexandra Bernardova, Venue Marketing Manager.

Just in the past few weeks there have been events taking place almost every day from our virtual studio. Some of the clients who have broadcasted their virtual events here include, for example, Accenture, Forbes, Cisco, ALEF, POPAI, Internet Info and more.

What awaits you in the new AV virtual studio at Cubex?

  • A green screen with a 12 x 4.5 display area
  • Space for up to 6 people to present at once
  • A presentation area displaying both a window with a PPT presentation and a window with remote presenters at the same time
  • The possibility to have dynamic graphics in the presentation area and display animated effects in multiple layers
  • Two large preview displays for a comfortable view of the output format
  • Illumination of the entire space with professional studio lights
  • A safe background! The AV control desk area is still located outside the main broadcasting area of the studio
  • You´ll meet only two people in the studio. The producer and the studio technician, who are available to you throughout filming
  • Free coffee and water for you and your guests
  • A foyer with a relaxation area and daylight free of charge
  • Finally, the best! Cubex enlarged the studio, improved the effects, but the price still remains very favourable!

As of today, you can join the many who have professionally and safely presented from our studio to their remote audience. 

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