The Prague Market to Develop as Place of Leisure Opportunities Under Administration of the Prague Exhibition Grounds

The Prague Market to Develop as Place of Leisure Opportunities Under Administration of the Prague Exhibition Grounds

The Czech capital city will offer an old-new place for relaxation, entertainment, culture, meetings and events with various concepts as well as hybrid events not only for Prague inhabitants soon.

Since July 2022, the premises of the Prague Market in Holešovice will be under administration of the Prague Exhibition Grounds, and the whole space will become a buzzing social life venue. It will finally be able to blossom, after lengthy legal disputes with the former tenant. Connection of the two urban areas will bring more dynamic development of the market grounds, faster course of the necessary reconstructions, better maintenance and, of course, efficiency in the management and administration of the premises. Tomáš Hübl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prague Exhibition Grounds, says: "I think that it was not only locals, who perceived the really lengthy legal disputes over the Holešovice Market Grounds, and the gradual partial decline of this historically important complex. The market is a space with a potential to become an attractive destination offering entertainment, good food or shopping opportunities that are not usually available in shopping centres. At the same time, it will also become a venue of business and hybrid events, which belong to the standard event offer nowadays."

Despite the fact that due to the long legal disputes with the former administrator of the complex the city was not able to develop the Prague Market in any way for a long time, visitors could have noticed many partial positive changes in the recent months. Finally, the capital city won the dispute over the operation of the complex, and almost immediately the reconstructions of several buildings began. In a relatively short time the main promenade was cultivated and now an international architectural competition for the solution of all public spaces is underway. Some premises, that were previously not in use, have also been opened, and visitors can meet several new tenants, thanks to whom many social and cultural events for the general public are already taking place on the site, as well as seasonal markets, in addition to the long-established markets in Hall 22. The fact that the Exhibition Grounds and the Market are located in the same city quarter and managed jointly, will bring significant savings in fixed costs as well as in promotion costs and the overall efficiency of managing both buildings.

In terms of the program, the Prague Market Hall will build on the selected previously established concepts which offer culture, indoor and outdoor markets, where many visitors have already been able to find fashion products of their favourite domestic designers, sustainable products and quality gastronomy. In the last two years, the area has become a sought-after location for organizers of social events, a popular leisure promenade, and the demand for the space to rent has been constantly growing.

Physical transformation of the area will also continue. The plan is to reconstruct the Neo-Renaissance slaughter market halls, for which a building permit has already been issued. The reconstruction of the Hall 24 premises continues – the hall will after its completion offer new units for rent, and modifications will also take place in the area of the entrance from Jateční street. The winning design of the international architectural competition, which has already been underway, will then determine the closer outlines of the overall reconstruction of public spaces. Both the Prague Exhibition Grounds and the Prague Market have the ambition to become leading multifunctional venues in the field of culture, gastronomy, spaces to rent for private and commercial events, as well as places where not only locals can regularly meet friends, relax, draw fresh inspiration or address their customers. Both places offer uniquely large spaces and, of course, the possibility of organizing top hybrid events, thus addressing a large number of visitors present on-site, and at the same time an unlimited audience around the world.

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