Vienna House Czech Republic offers new service of mobile concierge

Vienna House Czech Republic offers new service of mobile concierge

Introducing a new mobile concierge web application that is supporting hotel staff and wowing guests. A simple and efficient way of accelerating the digitalisation of the hotel sector.

Win-win situation for both hotel employees and guests – what more could one want? The mobile concierge offers hotel services, takes orders and provides information around the clock. The new web application was developed by Austrian IT specialist J-IT. Vienna House, Austria’s largest hotel operator, contributed its experience and know-how about what guests really want to help give the mobile concierge its finishing touches.

The mobile concierge offers a wide range of services: from online check-in and check-out to wake-up call, room service, digital guest folder, taxi service, sightseeing tips, digital newspapers & magazines, table reservations in the hotel restaurant or wellness treatments in the spa. The digital “colleague” offers reception staff fast and highly professional support. That leaves more time for personal service at the reception desk – or for a live chat with the guest, also part of the app’s repertoire.

A special plus point is the easy handling. To use the mobile concierge, all guests have to do is log their end device into the hotel WiFi. They are then automatically redirected to the mobile concierge. And from English to French to Finnish – the web application speaks the guest’s language.

“The fact that the mobile concierge can connect to any hotel software has been an important selling point for interested hotels,” says Thorsten Guggenberger, CEO of Vienna-based IT company J-IT, highlighting the advantages of the web app. “The hotel sector has not yet gone fully digital – the mobile concierge is possibly the easiest way. Technologically simple and affordable for hotel and guest.”

Guests appreciate the service of the mobile concierge. It’s new and in keeping with the times. Above all, however, they love the fast communication. “The easy handling – for our guests and our employees – and the customization options per hotel are a great added value with which we can set ourselves apart from the competition,” says Stefan Urdl, Head of IT of Vienna House, which is already using the application across its hotels in nine European countries.

The starter package comprises all basic functions such as the digital guest folder, live chat with the reception, the multilingual options and the content management system. Additional features can be purchased as needed and integrated into the modular system. New customers can test the services during a three-month trial period.

Of interest for hotel managers is the additional reporting feature which documents all necessary information about the digital interactions with the guests. “This allows the hotel management to monitor and analyse services in real time and so react even more individually to guest wishes,” adds Thorsten Guggenberger.

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