Waxwork museum Grévin Prague launches mobile app

Waxwork museum Grévin Prague launches mobile app

Grévin Prague, the most entertaining waxwork museum, launches a pilot phase of its new mobile app which will offer visitors a new level of experience and entertainment. In the Grévin Prague mobile app, which uses the iBeacon technology, the waxwork figurines literally come to life, tell their stories and reveal more of their secrets. Bertie, a virtual guide who was dubbed by actor and musician Jan Maxián, will take you on a tour of the museum worlds. Jan Maxián also inaugurated the app on a press conference held on 6 December 2016 on Celetná St. 15.

The entertaining Grévin Prague app is an interactive guide of the museum and it provides visitors with information about all Czech and international celebrities they can encounter there. It brings new information about the celebrities’ life stories in the form of interesting facts, photographs and videos. It also contains riddles and games for those who enjoy challenges. The players can use the coins they earn in the games to buy things in the shop with an attractive discount. The app also makes use of mobile cameras, so you can use it to make an original selfie with your favourite celebrity. The Grévin Prague application is easy to use and is a perfect extension of the visit to the museum for children and adults alike. Just switch on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in your mobile, install the app and enjoy!

It is the first ever application in the Czech Republic which uses the iBeacon technology in the entertainment industry. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE backed microlocation to automatically show visitors relevant content on their mobile device’s display. The information shows on the display based on where in the museum or close to which figurine the visitor stands at a given moment. Over 400 beacons were installed in the museum. The application is available to users of both iOS and Android operating systems in four language versions: Czech, English, German and French.

“We are the first to introduce the iBeacon technology in the entertainment industry in the Czech Republic. Thanks to digital technologies we can offer visitors an enhanced experience while touring our museum. For us the mobile app was a number one choice because of the widespread use of mobile phones among our target group. The message of the Grévin brand is both entertainment and education. I am very happy that we can contribute to it using the Grévin Prague app while we tell original stories linked to our celebrities. And you can trust me that there are a lot of interesting facts about every celebrity in the Museum but also interesting insights of  the Czech and international History  This is why the plan is to increase steadily  the amount of information the app contains,” says Véronique Jeannin, General Manager  at the Grévin Prague Museum, as she explains how the idea was born. “Because we love to use new technologies to connect people and our brand, the press conference today is also our first live streamed press conference on Facebook,” Mrs Jeannin adds.

The guide in the app is a mysterious robot called Bertie, the museum’s mascot. Anytime Bertie appears in the app or its symbol appears on the floor during a tour of the museum, a surprise is prepared for the museum visitors. The character and the stage design of the Prague museum were created by Julien Bertevas, a French designer. Bertie the robot has interesting tips, entertaining games and knowledge quizzes for the visitors. Well-known musician and actor Jan Maxián lent him his voice. 

The new Grévin Prague mobile app was designed by Havas Digital Prague. Almost 12 months elapsed from the presentation of the primary concept to its pilot operation. The development as such was a great adventure, not only because of the new technology used but also because of the installation in the museum’s premises and tuning of a whole net of beacons. Users, and in the final phase also an independent agency, were involved in the testing of the application.

Download the Grévin Prague app for free on Google Play and AppStore.

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