Why is the road to ICCA Congress in Prague accompanied by bridges?

Why is the road to ICCA Congress in Prague accompanied by bridges?

The combination of words "Bridge to Prague" arose from the reference to the 660th anniversary of the Charles Bridge construction, as its foundation stone was laid in 1357. It is one of the most significant historical monuments and its construction is one of the most important milestones in the history of Prague. A milestone showing the way to something new, similarly to the Charles Bridge construction, is also the 56th International ICCA Congress, which Prague has the opportunity to welcome this year. And since we firmly believe that ICCA is as solid and compact as the Charles Bridge, we chose the Bridge as the main building block and pillar in promoting and organizing this year's Congress.

Bridges have much in common with congresses and conferences - they unite, create new ties, strengthen, and develop the existing ones. They are a way to new insights and inspiration. Conferences connect participants from around the world, their knowledge and skills, and they also inspire superior results. Let us overcome obstacles, break stereotypes, and create new, solid partnerships together, as stable as Charles Bridge, and all that thanks to congresses, the imaginary bridges!

"Bridge to Prague" is the way that took you to Prague. Let yourself be inspired by the view of the Charles Bridge, follow the paths of your guides, run through Vyšehrad and support a good thing, tap and taste Czech beer or enjoy the modern technology during the congress itself.  In short: Let Prague inspire you and follow the "Bridge to Inspiration"!

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