Will We Live In Liveable Cities? "European HABITAT" Has The Answers!

Will We Live In Liveable Cities? "European HABITAT" Has The Answers!

GUARANT International was the organizational partner for special UN conference, which was recently held at the Prague Congress Centre. The “European HABITAT“ ranges among the most prestigious events that are being held in Prague in 2016.

The topic of the conference was “Housing in Liveable Cities”. Nearly 4 thousand experts in the field of development of cities, municipalities or larger regions met in Prague to discuss in the course of 3 days. The event was organized by the Ministry of Regional Development, and headed by Minister Ms. Karla Šlechtová.

In the framework of the Prague Declaration were set priorities for discussion at the third global UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, “HABITAT III” in Quito in October 2016, among others, those are: supporting cities by strengthening their potential for innovation, supporting optimal use of resources, providing affordable, safe, inclusive and high-quality public space and safe transport.

“European Habitat” was an international regional conference organized within the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, bringing together 56 member countries from Europe, the Balkans, North America and part of Asia.

It is our great pleasure to receive very kind thank-you letters from the Ministry of Regional Development CZ and from World Urban Campaign team from Nairobi.

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