Zlatá Praha roof top restaurant, exciting Spring-Summer menu, fresh new interiors, and original breath-taking views

Zlatá Praha roof top restaurant, exciting Spring-Summer menu, fresh new interiors, and original breath-taking views

Whether you are a local, a visitor, a foodie or just want to relax in great company and enjoy fabulous food and views, then you will delight in the completely new menu and interiors at Zlata Praha roof top restaurant.

The Zlatá Praha panoramic restaurant is dispelling the myth that it is a traditional ‘fine-dine’ restaurant, which in the past demanded that the diner haveextra-ordinary knowledge of culinary terms and etiquette in order to dine, and only on the most special of occasions! Foremost, there is a complete update on its gastronomic concept: ‘farm to table’.


We believe that diners want to make informed choices about the source of dishes that they select, their impact on the environment, and on their own health. When creating this new menu, the following principles have been used as a guide:

  • Rejecting common ‘mass commodity’ processes and embracing local, sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Selecting produce that is not genetically modified, or been treated with antibiotics or hormones merely to make them grow faster.
  • Building personal relationships with local farmers and growers to assure quality, bringing their produce from their farm, fishery, field or garden straight to our kitchen.
  • Menus, dishes and their recipes which are clearly absent of any complicated culinary terms that were reserved and understood in the past by only the most knowledgeable.

Most of the dishes on the menu are of local origin, crafted by our Executive Chef Roman Dolejš and Chef de cuisine Michal Voldřich according to these principles and who have personally visited and sourced many ingredients locally, for example:

Milk & cheese products - Farma Bio Vavřinec Benešov, Statek Oblík, Beskyd Fričovice

Meat products - Fit & Fer Farma Rašovice, České Meziříčí, Mitrovský dvůr, Mitrov, Farma Sedlčany

Fish Products - Rybářství Kolář, Dešná

Honey and herbs - from our own beehives and herb gardens, located on the roof of the InterContinental hotel.

Whilst the cellars of the restaurant are very well stocked with some of the rarest of wines from Europe, you will find that the new drinks menu showcases local craft beers and spirits as well as some of the best wines on offer from Czech Republic and Central Europe. (All competitively priced with other restaurants in the city). The menu also keeps some of the classics from Europe and the rest of the world.

Sunday brunches also see a change. They are now available every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. A good brunch can only be found in a top hotel, ideally equipped with a kids’ corner and live music. CZK 1,190 per person, children 6–12 years with 50% discount, children up to 5 years free of charge.

The Views…

….are breath-taking. Arguably the best views of Old Town of any restaurant in Prague. Enchanting rooftop views, stretching almost 360 degrees from Old Town and around to Prague Castle and Letna Park. Enjoyed all year round from the comfort of the restaurant, or seasonally from our Terrace, 25 meters above the famous and beautiful Parizska Street.

The Interiors…

The restaurant now has fresh new interiors. Gone are the classic fine-dine white linen table tops. The interior is now contemporary, offering a more open, airy and modern environment. The seemingly small step of changing tables, removing table cloths, new floor and wall coverings has transformed the restaurant atmosphere. However some things don’t change, the touch of classic luxury still remains with the original 16 controversial chandeliers made by the famous Czech artist Hugo Demartini have been kept – much loved by many and official protected by the Prague Heritage department!


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