Time Change Prague

At [time change] we specialize in creating unique experiences for our clients, both physically and virtually. Our team is passionate and dedicated in everything we do, be it crafted physical events or hybrid communication solutions.

We believe now more than ever in the power of relationships and human interaction.

We have a proven track record supporting companies all the way from researching, purchasing, involving our IT solutions, budgeting and compliance to global onsite event operations.

Time is precious, so don’t waste it!

  • Sustainable partner
  • Virtual/Hybrid Event Solutions
  • Health & Safety Measures
Time Change Prague
Time Change Prague
  1. Energy savings

    Energy saving processes in place

  2. Lower CO2 emissions

    Processes to reduce CO2 emissions in place

  3. Water savings

    Water savings processes in place

  4. Using local products and suppliers

    We prefere local products and suppliers

  5. Using recyclable & reusable products

    We prefere recyclable & reusable products

  6. Minimising the use of plastic

    We avoid the single-use plastics usage

  7. Minimising food waste

    We minimise food waste at events

  8. Digitalisation prefered

    We prefere digital ways of communication

Prague Is an Ideal Meeting Destination

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