Žofín Palace

Number of rooms: 4

Total capacity: 1.200 persons

Žofín Palace has been a leading centre of cultural and social life in Prague since 1837. A list of all the events arranged through Agentura NKL Žofín s.r.o. here since 1994 would be a very long one indeed, which testifies to the palace's continuing importance.

In it, you would find concerts by some of the world's greatest stars; assemblies of statesmen and diplomats; international congresses and conferences; presentations given by leading companies; conferences of industrialists, bankers and traders; prestigious balls and many other events.

It is said that anyone of real importance can be seen at Žofín frequently. Everyone is welcome here with us though.

Žofín Palace can offer Prague's loveliest halls, as well as top-flight services and a team that is dedicated to ensuring satisfaction. Anyone investing resources in an event demands quality in return. And at Žofín, quality is delivered.

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    Konferenčních místností
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Žofín Palace
Žofín Palace

Jednotlivé prostory

Název Rozloha (m²) Šířka Výška Divadlo Banquet Škola Recepce
The Large Hall 1045 -- 17 800 800 350 900
The Small Hall 254 -- 4 300 192 130 300
The Knight´s Hall 234 -- 3 -- 110 100 200
The Lord Mayor´s Parlour 98 -- 3 70 -- 30 100

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