A light for St. Agnes

A light for St. Agnes

AIM Group International Prague office had the honour to organize in November the Enlighten Europe ’16 Conference in Prague – despite the fact that the lighting design is only developing in Czechia and that there is actually no Czech IALD member residing here.

Why? The reason may be the fairy tale beauty of Prague, its accessibility, safety or simply the AIMaizing team, that provided the full PCO services for this event already in 2014!

Anyway more than 300 world's leading designers came to our capital to share the latest trends and innovative ideas in lighting design & technology and at the same time to enjoy the old Prague Masters of applied arts heritage.

Being inspired by countless varieties of pendants and chandeliers in the Municipal House during the Welcome dinner, the IALD Director and Lighting Designer - Mrs Anna Sbokou created a unique lighting concept for the Closing Reception in one of the oldest and most important Gothic buildings in Prague - St. Agnes Convent.

Thanks to that, everyone had the opportunity to indulge the one-in-a-lifetime experience seeing the St. Agnes Convent in parade of transforming lighting contour. The medieval atmosphere could be seen in every corner of the convent – monks serving hot honey welcome drink, harpist playing in a costume, photo corner with authentic accessories, mediaval furniture and decoration and perfect catering made the IALD Closing Reception simply unforgettable experience.

Once again we enjoyed the sweet secret of our job: the opportunity to taste the best piece from a dozen of different fields!

Let´s virtually move to the St.Agnes to enjoy the atmosphere of the event by watching the video below.

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