Brewers Forum for the First Time in the Czech Republic

Brewers Forum for the First Time in the Czech Republic

From 21 to 23 May, Brewers Forum 2023 took place in Prague, connecting all experts and professionals from the world of brewing.

The venue of the conference was the Prague Congress Centre in Vyšehrad, which is unique in its size, beautiful view of Prague, variability of space and excellent transport accessibility.

For the 600 participants, a rich professional programme was prepared, including plenary sessions, breakthrough seminars and practical workshops on the latest topics on all aspects of the world of beer, from brewing technology to sustainability. The event is held annually and has its own tradition. GUARANT International organized this year’s 5th edition for the first time.

The conference began on Sunday 21 May with an opening reception in the evening at the Staropramen Brewery. Participants were thus able to immediately start establishing working relationships and discussing hot topics in the industry. The brewery offered its historic Pasp Hall, which was connected to the Potrefená Husa restaurant. A traditional beer buffet and barbecue were available for attendees. The reception included tastings of several beers, from black to unfiltered, accompanied by expert commentary in both Czech and English.

The next morning, the conference started with a professional programme including 9 seminars, 4 workshops and a welcome plenary session. The following day the conference continued in the same spirit. In total, there were 12 seminars, one plenary session and 5 workshops. During the day, the participants could enjoy excellent catering prepared by Zátiší Group as well as beer tastings from the beer bars of the companies that were part of the exhibition. The day ended with the Closing Reception at the Červený Jelen Restaurant. The premises of Červený Jelen used to be an ancient financial institution, which has become a thriving Czech restaurant unique in its appearance, as well as in its food and beverage offer. The reception included a beer-tapping school, from which participants received a certificate and a badge.

After the official end of the conference on Wednesday 24 May, particiapnts were able to take part in one of 9 technical tours of breweries scheduled throughout the Czech Republic – they visited Pilsen, České Budějovice, Žatec and others.


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