Healthy Trends in Congress Catering

Healthy Trends in Congress Catering

Catering is undoubtedly one of the building blocks of a good congress. Prague Congress Centre has been cooperating with Zátiší Catering for 12 years. In that time congress industry has changed a lot. Guests have significantly higher expectations and the organizers want to meet them. When the quality of prepared food and service accompanies healthy trends and responsible approach, visitors can expect a real gastronomical experience at highest level.

Prague Congress Centre tries to be competitive in all aspects. Quality fresh dishes and drinks are taken as a matter of course, and genuine service is a must- have to stand the comparison. What is trendy, is variation of small skewers that are sometimes prepared by the chef directly in front of the guests on the so-called life-cooking stage. Brain food is also popular which is understandable in a place where congresses, where the participants undoubtedly exploit their brains from morning to evening. Brain food - or a light, nutritionally balanced and healthy meal - ensures that even in the second half of the day after a lunch break, the speakers will have the same attention as in the morning block. A newcomer from the very near future will be a video mapping, where lunch or dinner will not only be consumption of food, but a complex fascinating experience with video production on a set table.

Modern congress menu served in Prague Congress Centre is composed of seasonal and predominantly local food to minimize the ecological footprint of food imports. When disposable dishes are used, they are always biodegradable. The remaining waste is consistently sorted. Food surpluses, which cannot simply be avoided in the case of large events, are supplied to charity organizations with attention to highest hygiene standards.

As we strive to serve the highest quality dish in PCC we have to take care that meals are served hot. Therefore a vast reconstruction of kitchen premises is currently under way, to ensure that the meals take the shortest way to delegates with keeping strict hygiene standards. The fact that the food is prepared directly at the venue of the event is of course an enormous advantage because it is then possible to respond operatively to the requirements of the client - the organizer of the event. 

"Zátiší Catering has been on the market for almost 20 years, refreshments are provided at various events at home as well as abroad, and it is clear that we meet world standards. Our vision by 2020 is to be among the top five European catering companies. At the international ICCA congress, we want to show, that we are just a step away from our goal. It is a very prestigious event where we will introduce modern trends that will determine the form of catering in the next five years," says the Managing Director of the Zátiší Catering group David Tomašovych.

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