Innovative Prague V.

Innovative Prague V.

Prague is not only an amazing historical city with a wealth of monuments, excellent gastronomy, cordial residents, and a wide range of events. It is also a modern and innovative science hub. Prague excels in many fields, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedicine, low-carbon technologies, data technologies and selected creative industries, providing ideal opportunities for holding conventions and conferences with the matching topics.

In our new summary, you will find the most important things that have happened in these fields in connection with the meetings industry.

In the fifth edition, you will learn how Czech companies are doing in terms of innovation, how to recruit temporary workers for your events quickly and easily, or how Prague works with data, including those about tourists visiting the city.

Quick and Easy Recruitment of Temporary Workers for Events

You know, you're organizing an event and you're desperately in need of temporary workers, but you have no time for the necessary paperwork. It was to deal with such crises that the Czech start-up OnSinch was created. Recently, it attracted Czech investors so much that they provided it with CZK 20 million for further expansion to the USA and Australia. The start-up has already staffed events such as the Formula 1 races or the World Cup in Qatar. You can read more about the expansion of the Czech event start-up in the article on CzechCrunch.

How are Czech Companies Doing in Terms of Innovation?

This answer, among other things, can be found in the Statistical Yearbook of the Czech Republic for 2022 published by the Czech Statistical Office, where the 23rd chapter deals with science, research, and innovation. The Yearbook states that 56.9% of Czech companies implemented marketing, organizational, product or internal process innovation between 2018 and 2020. This was an increase of 10 percentage points compared with the previous two-year period. Among the companies that introduce most innovations in the Czech Republic are mainly those operating in ICT fields. A summary of the topic is available on the website, the complete yearbook can be downloaded here.

Support for innovation should be newly addressed by the Innovation Talks platform. It is launched by the European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI) in Prague, the organizer of the largest national innovation event – Czech Innovation Week.

Prague Data for Better City

At the beginning of this year, Prague launched a new catalogue of open data, which is accessible to the general public and institutions that can use it further. The new catalogue thus replaced the previous version, which no longer met the technology requirements. The new catalogue has been developed by the team of Golemio data platform, of which the catalogue is also a part. Success of the Golemio platform is proven by the fact that it attracted attention in a country as remote and technologically developed as Japan. This country was recently visited by representatives of Prague as a part of networking. "On our journey, we have gathered key contacts, especially for support of the launch of Prague Science and Technology Park, or within the transnational university cooperation on student exchange with a focus on the development of biotechnology and AI, or for the incubation of startups. On the contrary, Japanese contacts want to be inspired by us to work with city data and the Golemio data platform," says Daniel Mazur, Councillor for Science, Research, ICT and Innovation. All these projects are part of the Smart Prague 2030 concept, which Prague has introduced in 2017.

However, the subject of research is not only data about the city itself, but also about the tourists who visit it. Such a survey was recently conducted by 11 institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Prague City Tourism with the aim to attract more sophisticated and wealthier clientele to the Czech capital. The humanities part of the research dealt with specific stories that individual nationalities associate with Prague, while the social sciences part focused on exploring their typology and behaviour. Selected examples from the survey can be found in the article of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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