Looking Back at the Marketing Festival Conference 2019

Looking Back at the Marketing Festival Conference 2019

This year Marketing Festival brought not only an overlapping conference, but also blocks of training and fantastic parties – and Audiolight service could all be technically involved.

The Marketing Festival 2019 has been over for a long time, but a great feeling of well-done job remains.

Task for Audiolight service was to create extraordinary stage design for one of the largest and most prestigious branch conferences in Europe in conventional Prague Congress Centre. Attendance was fantastic – 2300 visitors. Challenge accepted! Audiolight service team has created scene for presentations of the largest experts in their fields: Dan Ariely, Mark Ritson or Will Reynolds.

Audiolight service would like to thank Jindřich Fáborský and his great Marketing Festival team for opportunity to cooperate with on this amazing project and Audiolight service team will look forward to next challenges.

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