Prague Opens Again

Prague Opens Again

Life in Prague and the entire Czech Republic paused on March 12 temporarily, and most people here or abroad had to, sooner or later, adapt to the new and unprecedented measures introduced during the state of emergency in order to prevent the spread of covid-19 disease. After two months of slowdown, Prague and the Czech Republic begin to wake up again and prepare for return to the normal life.

The Government of the Czech Republic has started to ease the protective measures gradually in the end of April following the current approved schedule of re-opening of services connected also with the tourism industry. Thanks to the early intervention, we are able, as one of the first countries, to open - in restricted regime - also our borders. Since early May, the first air carriers have been back on their regular routes, offering the connection to Amsterdam or Düsseldorf. The current list of resumed routes can be found on the Prague Airport’s webpage.

From May 11 on, the events for up to 100 people with strict hygienic rules can be held again. On the same date, the Czech Republic will be opened for the cross-border mass transportation heading abroad (buses and trains). Simultaneously, some service providers and shops are going to be re-opened, including museums or outdoor seating areas of restaurants. Accommodation services should be resumed on May 25. Based on our information, most of our partners from the hotel sector will open on that date, some of the rest then reopen on June 1.

During the COVID-19 crisis, a number of Prague enterprises in tourism and meetings sector have modified or completely changed the way they operate literally from minute to minute, and they have been involved in initiatives popping up around Prague to help those in need. With the restrictions easing, the enterprises can return again, fully or partially, to their day-to-day business.

We at the Prague Convention Bureau continue with our efforts to represent and support the meetings industry not only locally on the governmental level, but also to inform and help our colleagues and meeting planners globally. We stay available for any questions and requests related to meetings Prague and current situation in the Czech Republic. More information about the currently valid restrictions can be also found in this regularly updated overview.

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