Pražská energetika Opened the Largest Charging Hub for Electric Vehicles in Prague near Prague Congress Centre

Pražská energetika Opened the Largest Charging Hub for Electric Vehicles in Prague near Prague Congress Centre

The city of Prague has a new urban charging hub for electric vehicles. Pražská energetika has opened a set of eight public charging stations in the parking lot of the Prague Congress Centre, which will allow up to 15 electric cars to be charged at the same time. This is the largest charging point at the territory of the capital city of Prague.

Owners of electric cars can use one Hypercharger Alpitronic station with a capacity of 75 kW and 7 other so-called AC stations with a capacity of 22 kW. This new urban charging hub was created thanks to the support of the Ministry of Transport. It was co-funded by the Operational Programme Transport – Metropolitan Network II project. A set of seven AC charging stations with a capacity of 2 x 22 kW will allow charging of up to 14 electric vehicles at the same time. They are also complemented by a fast DC charging station with a capacity of 75 kW, which will enable fast charging.

With this project, the Prague Congress Centre has also expanded its services in the field of emission-free transport. The charging hub is located almost in the very heart of Prague, close to the North-South Main Line, as well as the Vyšehrad metro station.

"Electromobility, especially in the capital city of Prague and in urban agglomerations in general, contributes to a better environment. Pražská energetika has been investing in the construction of charging infrastructure for 10 years. We are one of the market leaders in this area. We have already commissioned nearly 380 charging stations not only in Prague, but we are also building a backbone network throughout the Czech Republic. In the future, we will certainly continue to build charging stations, as the importance of electromobility will continue to grow," says Pavel Elis, Chairman of the Board and CEO of PRE.

"The entire KCP building has undergone a complete transformation of the energy system, we use smart technologies, we are planning a project to install photovoltaics on the roof, and we organize sustainable congresses. We are implementing the Green PCC concept in real life and the new charging hub is further proof. Owners of electric cars can use the time spent at events in PCC to charge their car or change to the metro right here and continue to the center of Prague quickly, but most importantly without emissions," adds Lenka Žlebková, General Director of the Prague Congress Centre.

"Pražská energetika has been working for a long time to ensure that the public charging infrastructure is available evenly across the capital. I am very pleased that we could offer Prague residents and visitors of the metropolis an opportunity of public charging in this strategic location, in cooperation with the Prague Congress Centre. At the same time, I am very pleased that the first test of this PRE urban charging hub will be the electric vehicles used during the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union," says Vojtěch Fried from the Electromobility Development Department at PRE.

In addition, all chargers in the PREpoint network are supplied with 100% green energy from renewable sources. Payment for charging an electric car is possible by chip or via QR code and payment gateway. It is also possible to use the chips of roaming contract partners for recharging.

For user-friendly operation of charging stations, Pražská energetika also has a modern PREcharge mobile application, whose great advantage is the function of PREpoint charging stations search in an updated map with detailed information about each station, including their performance and current availability.

PRE Launched its First Public Charging Station in 2011

PRE is one of the pioneers in the construction of charging stations in the Czech Republic. It opened its first public charging station at the beginning of 2011 in Prague, Chodov. At the moment, Pražská energetika has more than 370 public charging stations in its PREpoint network, where more than 740 electric vehicles can be charged at the same time.

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