Project ROZJEDU TO! celebrates 5 years of existence

Project ROZJEDU TO! celebrates 5 years of existence

On May 16, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the project ROZJEDU TO!, the ceremonial handover of ŠKODA KODIAQ took place. The car key, lended to the Tereza Max Foundation for children for the whole year to ensure the activities of children from children's homes, was handed over to the patron of the foundation, Tereza Maxová, from the hands of Bohdan Wojnar from ŠKODA AUTO. The handover took place in Prague at Letenský zámeček and there were also children from the Krnsko Children's Home with the director Josef Povolný. C-IN had the honor to coordinate this festive event.

The motivational and Educational Project ROZJEDU TO! was established within the cooperation of the Tereza Maxová Foundation (NTM) and ŠKODA AUTO, and helped 85 children and teenagers in particular in personal growth and in the selection of a future profession. The goal of the project is to effectively motivate youth aged 11 to 15 in children's homes to educate and develop their personal and professional growth. Another objective is to disrupt the uniform approach of the selection of occupations by excursions to various companies representing various professions. During the ceremony, an announcement was made about of the start of the registration for the 4th year of the charity happening Teribear moves Prague / Mladá Boleslav or Prima Day with the Bear. 

The long-term partnership between NTM and C-IN started in 2005 during the organization of annual charity fashion shows Fashion for Kids, which was followed by the organization of charity happenings TERIBEAR and other activities of the foundation such as the project ROZJEDU TO!. Learn more about ceremony and project here: Tereza Maxová Foundation or project ROZJEDU TO!.

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