Promo Materials

File name File description File type Size Publish date
Prague Destination Presentation -- PDF 16.04 MB 19/06/2020 Download
Meet Again in Prague_Infographics -- PNG 4.22 MB 22/10/2020 Download
Coronavirus Q&A Prague and CZ -- PDF 890.56 kB 22/10/2020 Download

Sustainability Strategic Documents

File name File description File type Size Publish date
Prague City Assembly Climate Commitment Resolution -- PDF 220.2 kB 30/09/2020 Download
Prague Climate Change Adaptation Strategy -- PDF 12.54 MB 30/09/2020 Download
Prague Sustainable Mobility Plan -- PDF 4.55 MB 30/09/2020 Download

Annual Reports

File name File description File type Size Publish date
PCB Annual Report 2019

PCB Annual Report 2019

PDF 4.02 MB 14/10/2020 Download
PCB Annual Report 2018

PCB Annual Report 2018

PDF 5.16 MB 02/07/2019 Download
PCB Annual Report 2017

PCB Annual Report 2017

PDF 7.14 MB 20/06/2018 Download
PCB Annual Report 2016

PCB Annual Report 2016

PDF 7.69 MB 16/04/2018 Download
PCB Annual Report 2015

PCB Annual Report 2015

PDF 17.5 MB 16/04/2018 Download
PCB Annual Report 2014

PCB Annual Report 2014

PDF 12.77 MB 16/04/2018 Download
PCB Annual Report 2013

PCB Annual Report 2013

PDF 9.7 MB 16/04/2018 Download

Hi-Res Photos of Prague

By downloading and using the photos you agree that you will use the photos solely for non-commercial editorial purposes. The photos are for your use only and must not be provided to any third party. The photos license holder is the Prague Convention Bureau, whose copyright must be listed on all materials in which any the photos will be used. Failure to comply with these terms will be followed by actions specified in the applicable license agreement with the photos provider Shutterstock.

File name File description File type Size Publish date
Prague Outline -- JPG 3.58 MB 31/10/2019 Download
Charles Bridge -- JPG 2.77 MB 31/10/2019 Download
Petřín -- JPG 8.16 MB 31/10/2019 Download

Press Releases

File name File description File type Size Publish date
PR_Threat of Eventless Future for Czech Republic_31082020.pdf -- PDF 227.25 kB 03/09/2020 Download
Analýza vlivu pandemie COVID 19 na konání hromadných akcí na území ČR -- PDF 231.16 kB 03/09/2020 Download
Around 50 European Buyers Attended B2B Fam Trip and Workshop in Prague -- PDF 512.72 kB 06/02/2020 Download
Grafická karta k analýze -- PDF 3.93 MB 03/09/2020 Download
Conferences in Prague Mark Velvet Revolution of 1989 and 30 Years of Freedom -- PDF 171.57 kB 15/11/2019 Download
Saving Lives in Prague -- PDF 413.49 kB 06/11/2019 Download
Prague Convention Bureau and Partners Invite Corporate Buyers to a Fam Trip and Workshop in February 2020 -- PDF 114.32 kB 15/10/2019 Download
Prague Will Become the Center of Emergency Medicine in October -- PDF 170.64 kB 27/05/2019 Download
Prague Hosted Record Number of Meetings Last Year and Remains in the World’s Top Ten Most Popular Meeting Destinations -- PDF 173.27 kB 14/05/2019 Download
Jubilee 10th Meeting Industry Awards Ceremony Took Place in Prague -- PDF 243.94 kB 04/04/2019 Download
Prague Congress Ambassadors Awards Ceremony to Be Held for the Tenth Time -- PDF 172.47 kB 20/02/2019 Download
New Websites of Congress Prague Awarded as One of the Best Digital Projects of Czech Travel & Tourism Industry -- PDF 143.97 kB 24/01/2019 Download
Prague to Host 14th UIA Associations Round Table in 2020 -- PDF 146.55 kB 21/11/2018 Download
The Congress Prague Introduces Its New Web with an Extensive Service Suppliers Search Tool -- PDF 118.81 kB 23/05/2018 Download
Prague is the World's Eighth Most Popular Meeting Destination -- PDF 114.83 kB 07/05/2018 Download
Prague Convention Bureau has been helping event organizers for ten years -- PDF 339.23 kB 04/04/2018 Download
Rector of the Charles University in Prague Won a Prestigious Award for His Long-Term Contribution to Congress Tourism -- PDF 153.37 kB 22/03/2018 Download
“Bridge to Prague” Campaign Introduced Congress Prague to International Experts -- PDF 145.67 kB 31/01/2018 Download
Prague Improved Its Scoring Within the Ranking of the European Meeting Destinations -- PDF 155.13 kB 13/02/2018 Download
Prague Welcomed a Record Number of Experts from the Meeting Industry -- PDF 512.84 kB 23/11/2017 Download
Congresses Held in Prague Bring Annually up to 200 Million Euro to Public Budgets -- PDF 426.02 kB 15/11/2017 Download
Prague has Maintained Its Position Among the Most Popular Congress Destinations in the World -- PDF 384.11 kB 10/05/2017 Download
Prague Congress Ambassadors Won Prestigious Awards -- PDF 403.98 kB 18/04/2017 Download
Prague Welcomed the Largest Number of Events Over the Past Decade -- PDF 423.92 kB 28/02/2017 Download


File name File description File type Size Publish date
MICE Statistics_comparison 2016, 2017 vs 2018 -- PDF 290.27 kB 14/05/2019 Download
Congress Prague Statistics 2018_infographics -- PNG 2.66 MB 14/05/2019 Download
Conferences at collective accommodation establishemnts by the category of accommodation establishment in the Czech republic -- XLSX 19.48 kB 14/05/2019 Download
Conferences at collective accommodation establishments by regions in the Czech republic -- XLSX 28.39 kB 14/05/2019 Download
Capacity of collective accommodation establishments in regions_29032019 -- XLS 41 kB 14/05/2019 Download
PCB Statistics 2017 -- DOCX 22.02 kB 06/05/2018 Download
Prague MICE Statistics 2017 Infographics -- PNG 2.16 MB 07/05/2018 Download
PCB Statistics 2016 -- PDF 243.58 kB 28/02/2017 Download
PCB Statistics_Comparison 2015vs2016 -- PDF 576.8 kB 28/02/2017 Download
Infographics_MICE statistics 2016 -- PNG 1.34 MB 28/02/2017 Download
KPMG Study_Impact of the Meeting Industry in Prague -- PNG 673.43 kB 21/11/2017 Download

Public Transportation for Congresses

File name File description File type Size Publish date
Public Transportation Conditions for Applicants -- PDF 761.87 kB 12/04/2018 Download
Congress Public Transport Application Form -- XLSX 10.89 kB 12/04/2018 Download

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